CE Provider Services

Working for Us

If you are a physician who graduated from an accredited medical school, and if you have an unrestricted state medical license, you can work for us on Saturdays. We hire medical residents and fellows, physicians in the middle of their careers who are looking to supplement their incomes, or retired physicians looking to make some extra money in retirement. We use physicians with almost any background with particular interest in those who have family practice, internal medicine or pediatric backgrounds.

We schedule our clinics about a month in advance and will therefore try to work around your schedule. You can work one or more Saturdays a month, it is up to you. If you are doing physicals, we pay you a per patient fee. You will typically see 15-20+ patients per Saturday and make $700-$1,000+ for the day. If you are a psychiatrist or psychiatric resident doing mental status exams, we pay you an hourly rate. You will see 10-15 patients per Saturday. The clinics usually go from 8AM to about 5 or 6 PM.

We mostly do physicals for social security disability. These are straightforward physicals with no follow-up care, diagnosis or treatment. You will not be deciding whether or not the claimant deserves disability. You are not establishing a doctor-patient relationship. These physicals are for information gathering purposes only. Each patient signs a waiver or consent form attesting that they understand these facts. The liability is very low and the agencies we work with do not require providers to have malpractice insurance nor do we provide it. We also do psychiatric exams and other types of exams. 

Medical assistants play a vital role in the productivity of our clinics. They assist the physicians, prep the patients, get vital signs and get the history of present illness information down on paper for the doctor to review.  All C.E. Provider Services Medical Assistants are contracted as independent contractors.  All exams are performed at C.E. Provider Services clinics. 

We are currently in 9 states and have over 45 facilities. We currently perform physicals throughout the states of Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina. We are adding new locations every month so if you don't live in one of these states, call us to find out how soon we will be in your state. Call 877-534-5153 to learn more about this opportunity.